ActiveMQ Java example

This post describes simple ‘paper-rock-scissors’ ActiveMQ Java example. ActiveMQ is the Apache response of MSMQ. There is a good installation for all OS in the book ‘ActiveMQ in Action’ or in here

At the end you should have two things up and running:
http://localhost:61616 and http://localhost:8161/admin/

We got the following task:

Make ”Paper-Rock-Scissor”-game

  • Each application randomly picks one of the three options and using messaging transmits it to the opponent.
  • An outcome is determined and displayed on the console.

Source code: paper-rock-scissors-project

I did it by making a simple Ant project runned with ‘ant game_demo’.

The part of the build.xml file responsible for that build is:


Class Diagram:

The class from which both Player_1 and Player_2 extends is Player. The class Player contains all common for the players method such as: choosing random guess (getRandomGuess); selecting winner from two guesses (getWinner).

I chose to represent the values Paper, Rock, Scissors with numbers recpectively 1, 2, 3. The main reason for that decition was that the getWinner algorithm became really short and cute :)

Now, to the main part.

Player_1 and Player_2 are both run as Threads in the GameDemo class.

From there Player_1 have 2 Queues ‘player_1’ for consuming messages sent from Player_2 and ‘player_2’ for sending messages to Player_2.

Player_1 makes 5 guesses and sends them to Player_2. After every send message it waits for response from Player_2 and when it receive it it computes the final result from the game and it shows it in the terminal.

In controversy, Player_2 has the ‘player_1’ queue in order to produce messages to Player_1 and ‘player_2’ queue in order to get messages from Player_1.

I will be happy to here if you have some ideas how this code can be done better or how it can be expand :)

Cheers :)