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I am Kalina aka. ki6i (: and I am originally from Bulgaria and I am currently living in Denmark.

I have Bachelor’s degree in Software Development from CPHBusiness. and right now I am working for Bizcon as Product Engineer. Which is Java, VB, VBSciprt customizations of the main product that they provide services with – Mega

I enjoy problem solving and learning. Since my work in Casalogic A/S several years ago I prefer using Open Source but if it is needed I can be flexible on that point :).

Currently I am interested of: Clojure, MapReduce and Hadoop. My previous targets of interest was Magento Core (design, extensions and integrations), Silverlight and etc.

In general, I am really attracted to everything, which I do not understand at all from the beginning. That makes the challenge greater and the success sweeter + I do believe that you always learn more if you get out from your comfort zone.

If you want to know more about my background: Kalina_Todorova_Resume(2013)

Contact Me

I will be really, really happy to share experience and ideas with anybody, so if you want to contact, ask or write me something choose your favorite social network:

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