Draw Something Tips&Tricks (Cheat)

Draw Something is quite addictive game for iOS and Android but sometimes is also quite irritating especially, when you are about level 100 and your opponent give you a picture of ‘an Indian‘ expecting that you will guess ‘wigwam’.

Here is what I do in these cases:

1. The bombs are pointless – if you are in game try to write the possible letters down and afterwards click the button for exit. The next time when you open the game you will get a set with new letters – if you compare the lists and get the intersection you can completely exclude all letters which do not form the word that you are searching for.

2.  If the reduced letters still does not  help you try – Text permutation generator and Google Translate.

I used an online permutation generator. The trick is to write only the letters which are a part of the word (otherwise is a long shot) and afterwards to paste the generated possibilities in Google Translate  and translate them to some other language – the translated ones are those, which make sense and could be an answer.

  • Kristina

    Wow never found that permutation generator I have just used drawsomethingcheats.com. I guess both works just as well even though I could not find celebrity names on the permutation generator..

  • admin

    On the other hand in drawsomethingcheats.com you have certain set of words and if the word is newly added you propably would not find match there :)