JQuery Multiselect – Abbreviation List

Recently I had a struggle with jQuery Multiselect Widget.

As general it is really flexible and easy to use, but I was willing to have a list with abbreviation of all selected values (separate with commas)

More or less it should look like that at the end:

1. JQuery library CSS and JavaScript
2. Multiselect CSS and JavaScript

More information about Multiselect Widget here

First the easy part the HTML

        close: function(event) {
            //Get all selected values from the drop down list 
            var array_of_checked_values = $(this).multiselect("getChecked")
                                                 .map(function(){return this.value;})
            var dataSet = {};
            dataSet[this.name] = array_of_checked_values;
        selectedText: function(numChecked, numTotal, checkedItems) {
            var returnString = '';
            for(var i=0; i